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Welcome to Kings Computer Recycling


Computer Recycling

Old Computer Equipment

 Computer Equipment is recycled by Kings Computer Recycling in Christchurch, in line with the current Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, either by refurbishing and redeploying the equipment or broken down and ethically recycled using local recycling firms. 

Secure Data Destruction


 We use HMG Department of Defence (DoD) policy approved data eradication HARDWARE, which is more effective than some software solutions offered by other companies, as both HPA (Hidden Protected Area) & DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) areas of the disks are detected and erased. 

FREE Collections


 We will collect ALL of your redundant I.T equipment free of charge in the South of England and subject to a minimum number of 10 items.  Collections in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas are FREE. Equipment will be removed to our secure premises and all hard drives are immediately erased.